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Waistra: W stands for Wideness in space

With increasing data accessibility cloud storage market is growing rapidly. Many market growth reports suggest 25% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2022. It represents the potential growth of cloud storage services. As per lines of such forecast and accessing the feasibility of cloud storage services Government of Maharashtra (India) revealed its Public Cloud Policy and asked its departments to relocate to cloud servers from conventional existing storage servers. Because in house storage capacity installation requires infrastructure, finance, and operational capabilities which increases the cost of services for public government. Therefore for a public government it is preferred to have cloud storage services with extraordinary security measure to get cost effective solutions for cloud storage operation.

Waistra has inbuilt capabilities to resolve such issues by providing a unique type of cloud storage services to ease the cloud storage operations. It is a cloud storage service provider which aims to make a new cloud culture by making highest degree of user experience of cloud services. Waistra is based on three foundation pillars to make your cloud experience richer and all these pillars addresses specific cloud storage accessibility issue to enhance the quality of cloud storage services. These foundation pillars of Waistra include:

  1. Shamata (Storage Capacity): Waistra i.e. a new cloud culture is providing unlimited storage capacity for ease out the need of physical cloud infrastructure for everyday users and businesses. The unlimited storage capacity increases the flexibility of use of cloud services because storage capacity is the main concern regarding the use of cloud services. Therefore Waistra addresses the issue of cloud storage capacity by providing unlimited cloud storage capacity,
  2. Suraksha (Security): Security and Integrity of data is always a big concern while using internet.  Especially recent controversies make an eye on the issue of security and handling of data and privacy. Therefore Waistra i.e. the new cloud culture provides 256 bit encryption of data. Along with security of data Waistra has created a robust privacy framework according to need of the hour to address the issues of security of data.
  3. Saralata (Simplicity): Things should be made as simple as possible but not simpler: Albert Einstine. Waistra has focused to provide user friendly cloud services to increase accessibility and outreach of the cloud services

A research paper titled “ User experience in the Cloud: Towards a Research Agenda highlighted the key issues related to cloud storage services including user data storage and access, multi device access of services and storage, integrity of data. Therefore Storage capacity is considered one of the most important parameter in cloud storage services providers to choose one the best cloud storage service. Because need of storage space emerged as cloud storage services so it is obvious to consider storage capacity while choose a cloud storage service to reduce the need of physical storage capacity. Waistra has made it its foundation pillar to provide unlimited cloud storage capacity to make your cloud practice unique compare to other cloud storage market drivers. In market you can find various cloud storage service provider but the concerns are regarding the storage capacity, privacy, security and integrity of data. Waistra has addressed all those concerns in different ways because without integrity of data the credibility of data reduces to zero. With all these services Waistra has begun an interesting effort since starting to contribute in generating additional carbon sink as it evident that cloud storage servers also make surplus to carbon footprint. Therefore Waistra initiated to plant a tree for each happy user.

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