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In 1991 India made open to its economy to create a market friendly economy via liberlization, privatization and globalization (LPG) reforms. During that evolution it was considered that all sectors of economy including services sector and industry sector will grow exponential with this historical openess of econmomy. Therefore service sector is considered most benifited sector of economy while some other sector has come in shadow region of service sector as service sector is growing fastly and others has not gained such growth. There are multiple resons responsible for that but here it is not not the topic to discuss. In India Micro, Small, Medium enterprise (MSME) is one of those sectors which are underprivilaged even after

What if Service sector starts to promote MSMEs?

With this regard two attributes can be summarised except the sunrise sector of Indian Economy. First one, In India MEME provides millions of jobs per year but its informal nature creates sectoral issues. Later one, In India an another milestone was created when Government of India initiated Digital India: Power to Empower Initative. Here it is interesting if convergence of these two attributes is made and external thrust is provided by an external growing service sector specially Information and Technology (IT).

Waistra: To empower MSMES

Waistra which is indigenous cloud ecosystem, has assessed the potential Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) therefore it has taken an initiatve to empower Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) through cloud technolgies to bring these MSMEs in front row by utilizing their potential. With the expansion of technology parallely another formal sectors such as ecommerce have been expanded enough just because of application of IT for business purpose. To address the similar issue waistra is digitalizing these MSMEs with providing unique solutions. It provides transitional services including migration of unclassified data, utilization of data, optimised technology solutions, secure cloud services, shared cloud ecosystem, unlimited cloud storage capacity. With these cloud services it provides cost effective entrepreneurial promotional activities such as application developments, web solutions, SEO, SMO to create their presence in digital world. Frequently it organizes digital campaign to increase coverage of digital literacy and create awareness.

Such initative like Waistra will definitely help to these underprivilaged Micro, Small, Medium enterprises (MSMEs) to create their own space in this competitive environment.

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