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Waistra and National Policy on Software Products

India has witnessed a rapid transition of growth rate post liberalization of 1991. Prior to 1991 due to unoptimized management of resources resulted into stagnated growth rate around 3.5% from 1950s to 1980s and it was called Hindu Growth Rate. But with the liberalization, privatization and globalization reforms it carried out many institutional changes in Indian economy and definitely it was also compulsion of World Bank and IMF for a $500 million bailout package. Now this compulsion has been transformed into an opportunity for Indian economy.

With these reforms almost all sectors of economy stared to contribute in GDP. But due to less investment, creating of service professional human resource and global scope started to make India as a hub of service industry with fastest growing service sector in world. In this transition we have focused on external outsourcing which increased our share in overall growth but with this we started to lag in product development. Therefore to address this constraint recently Union Cabinet has approved the National Policy on Software Products – 2019 to develop India as a Software Product Nation which aims to promote the creation of a sustainable Indian software product industry, driven by intellectual property (IP), leading to a ten-fold increase in India share of the Global Software product market by 2025.

With the same objective Shiva Technotonics, Jaipur based IT solution provided created a new cloud culture Waistra to change the way of cloud user experience. It provides transitional services including migration of unclassified data, utilization of data, optimized technology solutions, secure cloud services, shared cloud ecosystem, unlimited cloud storage capacity. Waistra is committed to provide out of box user experience with take caring of privacy. Because recent controversies due to breach of integrity data and privacy policy drew attention of whole community towards potential threat of data. To protect the integrity of data Waistra came with 256 bit encryption to enhance the security of data because without integrity cloud storage is nothing. With these features Waistra has switching based sharing option by which individual can set sharing to public or private made. It is absolutely upon user’s choice what they want to make public and what they want to keep private. This feature is also useful for those enterprises/ companies which are looking for a highly secure cloud sharing feature. To make sustainable infrastructure as outlines in policy documents of India Waistra is committed towards its goals to make sure its own carbon sink to exhaust its own emission. Therefore it is planting a tree for every satisfied user of cloud services. So to create a robust software product ecosystem we need such number of software like Waistra products to address the need of this century.

Download : waistra – free cloud storage

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