Waistra: A stands for Amiable in Access

As a cloud services provider Waistra believes in consistent up gradation of cloud service experience from user perspective because accessibility of cloud service is one the important key parameters of cloud storage services which also includes integrity of cloud data, storage capacity of cloud storage, sharing tools available in cloud services, robustness of privacy, support to cloud services and several others. Particularly accessibility records the higher degree of favor regarding the selection of cloud services which may include any kind service whether Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), accessibility of a cloud tool is always prioritized with other factors.

A research paper titled “User Experience in the Cloud: Towards a Research Agenda” by  Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Eija Kaasinen and Virpi Roto highlighted the user experience with respect to cloud. The acknowledged paper finds the key issues in cloud UX are related to user data storage and access, fluent multi-device access of services and content, social UX, reliability and trust, pricing and service discovery and integration. Out of such conclusion User Experience has its own detailed importance while dealing with cloud storage services.

Therefore when it comes to accessibility with reference to Waistra then it is observed that it have it kind of user friendly interface with dynamic response. The user friendly interface is highly guided by famous quote of Albert Einstine. He says “Things should be made as simple as possible but not simple”. The accessibility of stored data is also important thing with the accessibility of interface in cloud storage services because now it is not easy to use standalone system only as it reduces the flexibility of cloud experience. Therefore with Waistra you get the multidimensional accessibility along with web and application access. You can access your stored data includes files, photos, documents, media and other files from web or mobile application. Your data stored from mobile data is also accessible through web browser with your concerning Waistra cloud account. It gives flexibility of storing and accessing clouded data from multiple devices with enriching the cloud experience.

Waistra aims to create a new cloud culture by creating a new enriched user experience of cloud technologies. With cloud services it also provides free unlimited cloud storage space with other unique features including but not limited to multiple ways of sharing multiple types of files, sharing in public/ private mode, user experience, integrity of data, privacy to enable high degree of experience in cloud services. With providing cloud services and solutions Waistra has begun a common social responsibility campaign by planting trees to contribute in generating additional carbon sink as it evident that cloud storage servers also make surplus to carbon footprint. Therefore Waistra initiated to plant a tree for every smile.

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