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I Finally Tried Waistra For A Week And This Is What Happened.

I love to travel and off course photography as well. Recently I decided to visit to Golden Triangle with my friends. As I love to photography I am always conscious about my file manager and space to store these photographs with their smooth accessibility. My all friends like to take pictures from me. Therefore since long time I was looking for quiet unique cloud storage provide with unlimited cloud storage space. Although various cloud storage tools are available on internet but the difficulty I was facing was space and smooth sharing. Everyone may promise to provide unlimited storage with reasonable restrictions. Another difficulty regarding same which I was facing with sharing. I have told earlier that I am a photogenic persons so it is obvious for me to share pictures with friends. But Every time I have to share files manually with friends and it becomes very irritating to share pictures after visit when you are tired.

I had tried different cloud storage apps from Google play store with different keywords such as unlimited cloud storage, unique cloud storage and others. After trying various cloud storage apps I installed Waistra: The new cloud culture. With installing I started to explore Waistra without annoying advertisements. It was really awesome when I got public/ private sharing concept of Waistra. It is just close sharing tools as I got solution of my sharing issue. Here if you start to follow a particular person/ colleague/ friends you will get accessibility of those files whenever your friend makes them public. Therefore I told my all friends to follow me and now my problem has been solved as whenever we travel I create public label to those picture which I want to share and my friends get accessibility with download and view feature without any impact on quality means original documents we get.

My first and original issue of unlimited storage had solved with Waistra as it provides unlimited cloud storage to store documents, pictures, videos and others and you can stream media as well. As I have got an unlimited cloud storage app I started to use Waistra and yesterday I made an assessment based on evaluation of cloud experience.

GBs space at Waistra without any paid service so definitely Waistra is provide free cloud space to you. Now data protection is also a concern therefore I went through privacy policy and other blogs. It came to know that it uses 256 bit end to end encryption for all date stores and they are strict to data protection.

In short I got solutions of all my cloud storage problems with Waistra: The New cloud culture and started to Waistra to use unlimited free cloud storage with unique features and with time I have become fond of Waistra. Definitely Waistra have the potential to create new cloud culture.

Thanks Waistra Team

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