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Grow your Travel Business With Waistra

With the evolution of digital technologies trends in every sector in industries have changed whether it is travel of hospitality. According to a report published by management consulting firm Praxis Global in India online travel market is going to hit market of $ 13.6 billion by 2021 with total 43% of the total travel industry due to thrust provide by flight and hotel aggregators. The assessment  shows the potential of application of Information and Technology (IT) in travel industry therefore Waistra
has recognised the wide scope of travel industry with online exposure.
Waistra : The New cloud culture aims to create a new cloud culture with the application of cloud technologies which provides various cloud related services and solution. Waistra has taken an initiative to empower small travel enterprises to empower them with cloud technology solution. Waistra is providing cloud enable travel solution for travel businesses to crated automated lead handling, sales management  and operation handling with paperless Waistra ecosystem. It provides an integrated travel ecosystem with  lead operations, management of clients and employee, revenue handling, billing solution, communication tools and tracking of your travels. With Waistra enabled travel solution you will get

 Easy and convenient client handling
 Proper monitoring and handling of resources
 Automate your work
 Proper Data Analysis for better targets
 Create your own benchmarks
 Flexible communication with emails, texts all at one place

Therefore with Waistra (Free cloud storage) enabled travel solution you can increase your efficiency and productivity by catalyzing your resources with proper monitoring and handling of resources which will lead your client base and revenue growth.

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