Shiva TechnoTonics is moving towards a centralized Research and Development Center: Where Imagination Leads to Implementation

We focus on constant development and improvement of products for better quality and reliable performance. So we have established a separate research and development center which have a team of experienced technocrats. Our technocrats are always ready to find out solution of current product requirement and problems. In addition to this we are working in some other research areas including Embedded System, Server Optimization, Green IT, Cyber Security etc. Our research team is making efforts towards optimal use of the core areas.

Our Projects


We know that overall cost of present servers is very high and not suitable for the offices, colleges and small work palaces because of higher cost. The present servers consume a lot of energy in operation. According to a survey, data centers (servers, cooling, and other electrical infrastructure) are responsible for 1.1-1.5% of electrical energy consumption worldwide. HARIT is a mini super computer (data server), most advanced data server which includes lot of features. The most advanced features are Electronics waste management, Traffic load management and modern server requirement. The overall cost of data servers increases due to maintenance cost of servers. The maintenance cost will be less than the present servers due the use of multiple blocks of processors It is also more efficient over the present servers. The data storage capacity and speed will also increase and cooling system will be modern by the application of embedded system.HARIT is a special type of server which will provides modern sever requirements with high speed and data storage capacity. It is application of embedded system with traditional server which will be more efficient and easy to design over the all servers which are presently available in the market. The most advantage of HARIT is that it will be based on requirement of accessibility which will be work for desired needs.

Smart Krishi

SMART KRISHI is a low cost data acquisition and monitoring system for agriculture environment. This system is basically designed for the farmers to monitor the agriculture environment and for researcher to analyzing the capabilities and suitability of crops in various environments. SMART KRISHI is designed with the combination of Communication, Embedded system and Data Acquisition where AVR microcontroller is the main controlling device. The automation mechanism is also implemented in SMART KRISHI that operates the tube well according to the soil moisture and water level. The humidity and temperature of fields is directly displayed on liquid crystal display. The analog data of SMART KRISHI i.e. humidity, temperature, etc. can be acquired by data acquisition hardware on PC or Laptop over USB to serial communication. The data acquisition makes easy analysis of analog agricultural data and provides reliability and flexibility. This project will be very much beneficial in social modernization of Indian agriculture.